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Great weekend of Taekwon-Do with two excellent Masters, Master John Archer,Master Ian Ridley and of course the support of Mr Andy Crisp. Very proud to have hosted an amazing seminar and then grading with great enthusiasm for Taekwon-Do and exceptional attitude.


Proud to announce


Promoted to 3rd Degree Blackbelt


Debbie Wilson

Chris Sheppard

Lewis Alexander


Promoted to 2nd Degree Blackbelt


Darren Duthart

Chloe Lei

Elyssa Killin

Connor Stuart

Robbie Sheppard


Promoted to 1st Degree


Kyle Henderson

Holly Smith

Arran Douglas

Nicole Forrester

Declan Morrice

Jemma Ritchie

Robyn Gilfillan

Jamie Ball

Caelan Robertson

Andy Finnan

Robert McQuillan

Keira Ruiz

Caitlin Ruiz

Amy Sloan


Promoted to 1st degree junior 2 star


Hollie Waddell

Stuart Alexander


Promoted to 1st Degree junior 1 star


Jena Duthart

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