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Mr David Condie 5th Degree (Senior Instructor)

Mr Stuart Barrie 4th  Degree
Miss Donna Black 4th Degree
Mr Lee Anderson 4th Degree
Mr Alastair Smith 4th Degree
Miss Lauren McMillan 4th Degree
Mr Alan Baird 4th Degree

Mr Gary Armstrong 3rd Degree
Mrs Fiona Trainer 3rd Degree
Mr Liam King 3rd Degree
Mr David Towers 3rd Degree
Mr Alan Alexander 3rd Degree
Miss India Isles 3rd Degree

Miss Megan Brodie 2nd Degree
Mrs Debbie Wilson 2nd Degree
Miss Kimberley Baird 2nd Degree
Mr Chris Sheppard 2nd Degree
Mr Lewis Walker 2nd Degree
Mr Ian Wilson 2nd Degree
Mrs Caroline Joynes 2nd Degree
Mr Lyle Walker 2nd Degree
Miss Danielle Baird 2nd Degree
Miss Nicola Anderson 2nd Degree
Mr Lewis Alexander 2nd Degree
Miss Anya Stuart 2nd Degree
Mr Sam Harrower 2nd Degree
Mr Michael Carver 2nd Degree
Mr Paul Codona 2nd Degree
Mr Alex McDowall 2nd Degree
Miss Alex Marshall 2nd Degree
Mr Gregor Towers 2nd Degree
Mrs Elaine Easthope 2nd Degree
Miss Neve Stuart 2nd Degree
Miss Marion Alexander 2nd Degree
Miss Barbara Harding 2nd Degree
Miss Hannah McInnes 2nd Degree

Mr Adrian Stuart 1st Degree
Mr Ross Odger 1st Degree
Mr Connor Stuart 1st Degree
Mr Robbie Sheppard 1st Degree
Miss Dawn Hearsum 1st Degree
Mr Andrew Millar 1st degree
Miss Lorna Ferguson 1st Degree
Miss Lisa Campbell 1st Degree
Mr Robert Easthope 1st Degree
Mr Steven Jones 1st Degree
Miss Megan Dinnes 1st Degree
Mr Luke Patrick 1st Degree
Miss Lara Torrance 1st Degree
Miss Ashleigh Heggie 1st Degree
Mr Darren Duthart 1st Degree
Mr Craig Forman 1st Degree
Mr Steven McCluskey 1st Degree
Miss Catherine McIntyre 1st Degree
Mr Rahul Kishore 1st Degree
Mr Kieran Carver 1st Degree
Miss Abbey Carver 1st Degree
Mr Callum Sutherland 1st Degree
Mr Euan McKenzie 1st Degree
Miss Emily Shanks 1st Degree
Miss Ellie Smillie 1st Degree
Miss Elle Paterson 1st Degree
Mr Roan Harding 1st Degree
Mr Stuart Alexander 1st Degree
Mr Kyle Paterson 1st Degree
Mr Alaistair Forman 1st Degree
Mr Logan Ashe 1st Degree
Miss Hollie Waddell 1st Degree
Mr Crawford Easthope 1st Degree
Miss Kara Forman 1st Degree
Miss Hannah McIntyre 1st Degree
Miss Saphire Gilmour 1st Degree
Miss Amy Jones 1st Degree
Mr Lewis Ball 1st Degree
Mr Lewis Ramsey 1st Degree
Miss Kirsty Zaharia 1st Degree
Miss Tracey Waddell 1st Degree
Mr Ryan Park 1st Degree
Miss Skye Ramsey 1st Degree
Mr Jack Mulhall 1st Degree