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Well it’s official. Teaching Tkd for 20 years today. Everyone always tells me that Taekwon-Do is a journey and everyone must have their own unique path. In the past 20 years it has amazing to see the impact that Tkd can have in peoples lives. I would like to thank everyone who turned up last night to see me, it was really appreciated.

They say that behind every successful man there is a great woman. I don’t know how to gauge if I am portrayed as successful but I do recognise however how important it has been to have had the honour to have Kara Lambie by my side always, she is the real golden nugget x. I thank and love you Kara.

Alan Baird my longest serving student, another unsung hero, who along with his family have helped me so much, always shows the tenets and was there at my first class and will be there at my last

Lee Anderson Topgun Tkd, Donna Black, Lauren McMillan, Gary Armstrong along with Alan are my moral compass. They are the backbone from the start and still continue to support me. The old guard! (Sorry girls). All reduce me to an emotional wreck. Lee has always been my human side, he is passionate funny ( he thinks), and is one of the kindest human beings I have had the pleasure to meet.

The new instructors are great to show passion and eagerness to drive things forward constantly, Debbie Wilson Elaine Easthope who have 100% attendance and energy levels. The constant volunteers who help arrange events Jaqueline, Marie, Hazel Walker, Lindsay Ferguson, Claire Jones, Norma, Maggie, ally to name but a few ,and also the great support I receive from students families.

Thank you to my instructors who continue to spread Tkd, in the past 20 years we have produced around 300 black belts. I am currently compiling a list which is taking me down memory lane. It is an amazing feeling teaching kids like Lauren McMilllan then seeing them turn into amazing adults and then teaching their amazing kids, a Tkd legacy gift. It is also amazing to have stuart Barrie, my first 4th Degree, an amazing brother and his military thoughts on Tkd are second to none definitely a match with the military , no nonsense Alastair Smith who always knows right from wrong.

I truly thank everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting along my journey and hope it continues. I can’t name everyone but you know who you are.

Instructors over the years

Stuart Barrie -Dunblane

Alan Baird - Blackburn

Lee Anderson Topgun Tkd - Lanark / Law

Donna Black - Lanark

Kyle Mathewson - Aberdeen

Gary Armstrong - Bothwell

Frank Kennedy - Whitburn

Gordon Adams - Denny

Alex McDowall - Wiston

Ian Mc Dowall - Stirling

Derek Mac Farlane - Wiston

Lauren McMillan -Ashgill

Stewart Walker - Glasgow

Iain MacDonald - Bo’ness

Debbie Wilson - Ratho, Kirkliston, Forth

Ian Wilson - Ratho, Know kirkliston , Forth

Stephen Steff Taylor - Grangemouth

Stephen McShane - Glasgow

Catherine McShane - Glasgow

Norri Tait - Cumbernauld

Stuart Carey - East Kilbride

Kevin McLear - Larkhall

Tracey Hamilton - Forth

Jeanette Nelson - Forth

Stephanie Mann - Glasgow

Nikki Anderson - Edinburgh, Livingston

Michael Carver - East Calder

Chris Sheppard - Falkirk

Kenny Ferguson - Dennyloanhead

Helen Peake - Glasgow

Joe Findlay - Winchburgh

Barbara Harding - Douglas

Elaine Easthope - Carluke

Alastair Smith - Carluke

Nora Meuse - Glasgow

Meg Murray - Forth

Caroline Joynes - reach Autism

Between all, taught thousands of people Tkd, the general would be proud.

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